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Looking Back

Looking Back

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‘Looking Back’ captures a moment of self-reflection, a precious pause in the midst of life's hustle and bustle.

She gazes over her shoulder, her expression open to interpretation.

She is lost in a contemplative daze, or perhaps her focus is singularly fixed on something unseen. With this painting I invite you to delve into your own thoughts and emotions.

"Looking Back" is a petite painting on A4-sized paper, which centers on a woman looking over her shoulder, the image thoughtfully cropped to keep her object of focus a mystery. Her eyes are slightly downcast, adding an air of contemplation. The colour palette is limited, featuring shades of blue and purple, accentuated by hints of grey and black, and embellished with gold details. The right side of her face is cloaked in a gentle blue shadow, with wavy tendrils of hair framing her visage. The highlights are painted in soothing purple, adorned with pink and gold. The backdrop comprises squares with intricate geometric patterns, while her face is a tapestry of textured layers, revealing faint glimpses of collaged journal details.

"Looking Back" is a reminder to pause, to reflect, and to take a moment to get lost in the exquisite details of the painting. It beckons you to be absorbed by its tranquil presence, offering solace and a chance to contemplate life's journey.

Substrate: Paper

Medium: Acrylic & Mixed Media

Dimensions: A4 21cm x 29.7cm, 8.25" x11.75"

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The Finish

This painting has been created on artist quality 300gsm cotton paper.

It is shipped flat and will arrive unframed.

This piece is designed to fit a standard picture frame. If you plan to custom mount it, the economical option is to buy a frame with glass in a store and bring that along with your artwork to a framer for custom mounting.


Your painting will be hand signed, with its title, on the back. You will also receive a certificate of authenticity.

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