Milan Art Institute Mastery Program Review Social Media for Artists

Week 49, Milan Art Institute Mastery Program

This week was all about social media.

I wish they had gotten a little more detailed with it.

They did give some good advice, in that our social media posts should be ⅓ finished artwork, ⅓ process or studio shots, and ⅓ personal stuff, so people can really feel like they know me as an artist and an individual.

Elli talked about having a content plan- but I like a lot of detail about these things, so I wanted to see exactly how she goes about creating her content plan, because there are so many variables to consider when doing Instagram. From what kind of post you’ll do i.e. reel, carousel, single image, or going live, to what kind of shot, and what is the content of the shot, then you have to think about how they stand individually, but also how they all look together, and then write a genuine and thoughtful post like THREE TIMES A DAY!

Who has that much going on in their head?

I don’t have that much different stuff to say all day. I work alone, not that much happens to me in a day!

And then how do you pull it all together so it’s cohesive and ensure that things go out at the right time? They recommended batching content and spoke a little about how to auto post from Instagram to Facebook. They didn’t recommend any software for doing all this, which would have been nice.

Dimitra showed us how she edits photos and exactly what apps she uses on her phone.

She talked about having a consistent look, feel and colour palette for your photos, so, I created a custom LUT to colour all my photos consistently, and created a shortcut that applies the LUT and resizes the photos at the same time, so it’s really easy to batch edit. And I think the custom LUT really aligns with my brand and the high contrast, bold colours of my D-type personality.

Instagram LUT Example Layouts

Next up was what Jake said about writing captions, and I think it was helpful, but it’s my least favourite part of social media.

Every time I played the video, I just immediately tuned out. Jake spoke about having a heading with some bold font or all caps to grab people’s attention, then writing a meaningful and persuasive body, and then having a call to action. Which is advice you’ll get from anywhere. Maybe some exercises to help get the juices flowing (I’ve started to have a beer while doing the captions to lubricate my brain cells a little bit) would have been helpful.

I also would have appreciated a real practical demo about how they reuse and repurpose content, so I don’t have to reinvent my content plan and re-write all original stuff every month.

And also, how do they store all these files?

There must be THOUSANDS of images and video clips. I just can’t quite wrap my head around it all yet.

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