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Week 46 Milan Art Institute Mastery Program

This week, Elli threw us into the deep end of branding.

The idea of branding by archetype was something I hadn’t come across before, but it was an accessible and authentic way to wrap our heads around branding that elegantly led on from the discovery of archetypes in the voice section.

As we sifted through our top three archetypes and settled on the one that felt like home, it all started to make sense. It's about finding that sweet spot where who we are as artists meets the hearts of our collectors.

blue and white painting of a woman with money background criss chaney art melbourne art

The next thing we did was craft a brand plan, which is no walk in the park.

First we had to dig deep and create a word bank of 100 words, pulling out words that spoke to our souls and aligned with our new brand archetype. Branding is about more than just my paintings or who I am as an artist; it's about weaving a story that resonates with the wild spirit within each of us.

As far as studio time goes, this week I tackled two paintings that were a bit of an experiment from a materials and colour palette perspective.

I created the backgrounds as a cyanotype collage, which was an extension of the paper works I painted last week.

One of the things that came up as we watched Elli critiquing Sarah’s work, was that this week she chose to work on panel, and how you should stick with one substrate, or use that substrate for a specific reason, and be very intentional about it- not just because you found it on sale. I flip flop back and for the between canvas and panels, depending on the size and what techniques I’m using. I also love working on panels because they're sturdier for hauling around to markets, and provide a sturdy support when I finish a painting with resin, but apparently, I need to stick to one for consistency.

margo robbie fan art painting of a woman with money cyanotype art blue and white painting criss chaney art melbourne art

And drum roll please…..

There’s only two weeks left to finish our portfolios, and I think after that we are focusing solely on the branding and marketing side for the last couple weeks. It’ll be a relief to shift gears and focus on the business side of things for a bit, trying to make these big branding decisions alongside painting it a lot of work. It takes time and a lot of reflection.

I’m finding that this is the section I need more time with, as once we do the branding part, that’s it- it’s done, and it feels so final that I want to make sure I get it right and that I can stick with it, so I find myself procrastinating setting it in stone.

It’s not like when we paint, we’re creating two paintings a week, so if something doesn’t quite reflect you or your voice it’s okay you just move on. This is something that you’ll want to get right, and if you don’t, then it can adversely affect your success.

But in the midst of the uncertainty, my studio has become my safe haven, a place where I can fully be myself and, through this program, I have learned to trust myself, my instincts and my process.

It's messy, it's real, and it's where I feel most at home. So, here's to the wild ride ahead, to embracing the unknown, and to discovering the artist within, one brushstroke at a time.

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