Milan Art Review, Mastery Program Review

Week 40-43 Milan Art Institute Mastery Program

Woohooo! I made it to the end of the portfolio section and wow-only 12 weeks to go!

This week we learned about the 100 painting challenge and how to use it when we are stuck for ideas to kick-start our inspiration.

Then, over the break, there were videos to help keep us motivated. Elli talked about why she’s an artist and her origin story (which is different from her superpower). And she encouraged us to write down our origin story and why we create art….. And did I do that writing? Ermm no.

These are my two paintings for this week.

I actually prepared 5 bases, so as we go through the branding section I can continue to keep pace with my paintings, but it won’t be as much work. All I need to do is just put the figure in.

This week I went for a more subdued colour palette. As you know, I’ve been humming a hawing about how bright and girly my paintings should be. People like the colour palette, but then they say that it won’t go with their decor, and they don’t know where they will put it, so I’m really trying out various shades and tints of grey with just pops of colour to see how people respond.

A big thank you to Alannah Anderson who donated a bunch of her paints- I love the colours, and they aren’t colours that I would think of buying at the store, so it’s really opened up my eyes on how I can create and work with more neutral colours without just making brown.

Stay tuned for next week when we finally start the branding section!

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