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Week 35 Milan Art Institute Mastery Program

Well, I think the videos for this week were about 8 hours long!

It literally took me a whole day to get through them.

Elli talked about developing a strong work ethic- waking up early and getting shit done. Doing the big important things first, and work before play type stuff. Then she talked about motivation style, which I hadn’t heard of before. It revolved around figuring out what you like about being an artist, what’s important to you, and finding ways to stay motivated when the going gets tough. There were 4 different motivation styles, and from their descriptions I couldn’t figure out which one I was. But then she offered up a list of ways to stay motivated for each motivation style, and it soon became clear which style I was. I am aesthetic and utilitarian and I was already doing a lot of her suggestions to keep myself motivated.

I think it’s really all this personality, and archetype stuff that truly makes this program unique. It helps you to delve into yourself, understand yourself more, and in turn be able to go deeper into your art, and communicate more effectively about it.

We also saw Sarah and Chase go through their critique which included the two paintings we did this week and our production pieces from last week.

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I just keep feeling that it’s taking me so long to get through each week, but I can’t really tell because I’m not keeping track of when I start the weeks assignment and when I finish. I also got my production week pieces finished with resin and they look so awesome!

Next week marks the beginning of our production phase where we spend 6 weeks creating 12 paintings.

I’m not sure if I can achieve 12 paintings in 6 weeks, and I think I want to paint 3 or 4 at a time, so I’m not sure exactly how I’ll format this blog in the next few weeks because there won’t be that much to say about the course content, but if you want to read about me yapping about my studio practice then stay tuned.

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