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Week 29-31 Milan Art Institute Mastery Program

Welcome to the First Week of Portfolio!

Embarking on the portfolio section, I found myself facing the challenge of creating two full size paintings in just one week. It seemed like a daunting task, especially considering I had yet to decide what I was going to paint. Over the break I created 20 sources, plus 10 idea boards to paint from.

This week I opted to paint from idea boards, and I think I will continue to work with the same idea board for the next few weeks so I can dig deeper with a limited set of ideas and elements before moving on. I think jumping around less and spending more time working with one idea will lend more cohesiveness to the artwork.

Working from idea boards, my creative process is always a bit of a surprise – I never have a clear vision in my head before I start.

However, this week's experience taught me the value of a consistent creative process and how it can ultimately lead to greater confidence in my work.

The beauty of not having a predetermined vision is that it leaves room for exploration and the unexpected. While the uncertainty can be intimidating, it also sparks a sense of adventure in the artistic process. I managed to retain the sketchiness and high energy of the base layers throughout the painting. The resulting pieces exuded attitude and drama, all the while staying true to my signature use of feminine colours.

street art atyle paintings feminine street art purple paintings of women by criss chaney

In my observations of fellow artists progressing through the program, I've noticed a common pattern. Many spend around 28 or 29 paintings searching for their artistic voice, and then, in the last one or two works, they experience a breakthrough. Suddenly, their unique style emerges, and you can see it clearly. This process is both inspiring and enlightening, I can't help but feel excited about where my own path will lead.

I look forward to comparing these initial two paintings with the last two in my portfolio section.

It will be a fascinating journey to witness how my skills and artistic voice have evolved over time. Additionally, I'm eager to delve deeper into the idea boards, themes, and techniques I've been exploring, with the intent of maintaining a more focused and consistent approach, avoiding the temptation to jump from one style to another.

purple painting of a woman with purple hair and sunglasses melbourne street art style paintings by criss chaney

As I reflect on this first week in the portfolio section, I'm filled with a sense of anticipation and determination. My creative journey has just begun, and the possibilities are endless. Now, my main goal is to maintain the momentum, allowing it to carry me through the exciting phase of massive growth that lies ahead. Stay tuned for more updates as I continue to paint my path through this program.

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