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Week 28 Milan Art Institute Mastery Program

This week brought intriguing insights and fresh perspectives on my creative path.

As I approach the Portfolio Section Elli had some final food for thought to help me find my voice, she talked about pushing the envelope, and encouraged me to find ways to push the boundaries of my art that are uniquely mine and exaggerate them, and repeat over and over again so that my work is extremely recognisable as my own.

From the very beginning of my painting journey, like way back even five years ago when I was just painting for me, one element has remained constant – my love of painting women with colourful eyes, and vibrant, often unconventional hair colour. As I've progressed through this program, I've also developed an affinity for painting women exuding attitude, often adorned with sunglasses and tattoos.

Colour has always been the hallmark of my art. However, the question that lingered in my mind was whether I should consider toning down the colour palette in the pursuit of more refined taste.

This week, I made a conscious decision to take a bold step. I started incorporating neutral colours and greys into my paintings, while keeping the hair, nails, and eyes vibrant and eye-catching. The intention was to create a striking contrast between these elements and the rest of the composition. In this process, I've also chosen to amplify the attitude of the women by embarking on a series where they boldly express themselves flipping the bird.

mini paintings of colourful women with bright pink and purple hair women flipping the bird

 During this transformative week, I produced six paintings to test the waters of this new artistic direction. I wanted to gauge whether this style could serve as a foundation for my future work and allow for gradual evolution. To optimise my workflow, I photographed the backgrounds before adding the subjects, so that I could reuse these backgrounds for the 20 source images I'll need for the upcoming stages of the program. painted backgrounds street art style collage and spraypaint

Once I completed my paintings for the week, I took the extra step of visualising them at a larger scale using an in situ app. This allowed me to assess their cohesiveness, boldness, and uniqueness, crucial factors in determining whether they could serve as the jumping off point of my portfolio.

large paintings of women flipping the bird in gallery space criss chaney art

Another highlight this week, was a meet-up with fellow artists also participating in the Milan Mastery Program. Some had already graduated, offering valuable insights into what lay ahead. One of them shared a revelation that resonated with me: after completing the program, she had returned to her previous painting style. This made me reflect on my own journey and the notion of embracing this new style. The core process I use is still 95% the same as my pre-program work, with the addition of oil paints in the final stages. However, my approach is now more informed, with a deeper understanding of creating professional-quality artwork, from base layers to selecting the right materials and techniques to ensure longevity and a polished finish.

With a two-week break coming up, I've set an ambitious goals for myself. The program calls for creating 20 sources during this time, setting the stage for a production week where 10 paintings will be completed in just one week. However, I want to take my exploration further. I'm planning to conduct A/B testing between my new 'neutral' paintings and my usual full-colour ones. Therefore, I'm working on generating a total of 30 sources to choose from when we return from the break.

As the Mixed Media & Voice Section comes to a close, I have a newfound inspiration and a deeper understanding of my craft, I am excited to see where this creative journey will take me next. Stay tuned for more updates on this artistic life.

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