Milan art mastery program review week 36 portfolio section

Week 36 Milan Art Institute Mastery Program

I absolutely love the paintings I created this week!

Each one is a slightly different style, although I followed the same process, it quite like the simplification of the shapes of the hair, and I also really enjoyed playing with creating a mixed media charcoal drawing.

Paintings in Progress painted in background, putting in the figure. Milan art institute mastery program review

It’s actually something I’ve been wanting to do since the inks section, but I’ve been so committed to getting through the course and not getting sidetracked that I never got a chance to really play with it.

I think throughout the portfolio section I might sneak in a few cheeky drawings alongside my larger works on canvas, just to have some fun.

hot pink and black painting of a woman with wavy hair sticking her tongue out wearing sunglasses

The larger square piece- I didn’t realise, it it was inspired by some plant pots I bought at a market the other week, I loved the colours and patterns, made the painting, and when I stood back I realised that I had incorporated all the elements from the pots.

three paintings in the studio hot pink black, purple women with attitude art in Melbourne Criss Chaney milan art institute mastery program

And the lesson is- fill your studio with beautiful things that you love and inspire you, and your paintings will turn out perfectly suited to your taste!


How am I going to top this next week?

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