Milan Art Institute Mastery Program Review Week 19 Spray paint with oil paints

Week 19 Milan Art Institute Mastery Program

Welcome to Week 19 of my journey through the Milan Art Institute Mastery Program

This week we explored our archetypes and I am an explorer, sage, and creator.

Which means I’m always aiming for a more fulfilled authentic life, I’m always searching for the truth of life, and am constantly seeking out knowledge and learning (which I thought was just one of my procrastination techniques- turns out its core to my personality). And as a creator I’m constantly drawn to making the things in my imagination real, whether it be in art, business, or just around the house. I love to tie the amazing capabilities of technology with the beauty of my art.

Not exactly sure what we are supposed to do with these personality types yet but I’m trusting the process that all will be revealed.

In the studio we learned and practiced our mark making. I really enjoy mark making, and use it often in my artwork but with this task most of my marks ended up getting lost because I put the marks down first and then painted over them with so many layers, that by the time I was finished they had all disappeared. Most of my marks were within the figures, in the darker areas, so they got the most coverage, and I just didn’t go back over the acrylic paint and put them back in before I moved on to oils.

painting of a woman with tall hair set against a blue background

I think the key with mark making is to be continually folding your marks into the layers as you build them up.

As we move through all these materials and techniques we are meant to be paying attention to which mediums and techniques really gel with us, that we absolutely love working with- and I have to be honest. I like them all just about equally, there isn’t anything that I really hate or love.

Hopefully next week will bring some techniques that really just light me up.

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