The ideal way to create the perfect art for your home

Finding the right fine art painting for your home can be a challenge.

You’re looking for an artwork that has a certain colour palette, size and style.

All of which will compliment your unique space and add something special to your home.

The perfect solution to this is to commission a specific artwork that will meet your desires.

I love to create one off original artworks for clients just like you. So they can have just what they’re looking for. Even better, the process is incredibly simple, and I will work with you throughout the process to ensure the piece is just right for you.

Each artwork is totally unique, and while I aim to give you as much clarity as possible, the final painting will be created synergistically and may differ slightly in terms of marks than the draft.


  1.  Simply email me at with your request. Include details such as:
    1.   The size of your painting (sizes and price guide below)
    2.   Your colour choices 
    3.   A reference image of mine similar to the style you would like 
    4.   A photo of the area you would like the painting to go (optional) 
  2. I review the requirements and get more details if needed.
  3. We agree on size, price, shipping, and framing requirements, a short contract is signed and 50% non-refundable deposit of the final price is paid via direct debit.
  4. We work together and communicate to arrive at the final design idea before painting starts.
  5. Once you sign off on the design composition and colour scheme, I will begin painting.
  6. Along the way I will send photos of the work in progress.
  7. Once the work is completed, I will send you a final image. Once approved, you pay the final 50% for the painting and shipping costs.
  8. The painting is then shipped to you or collected directly from me. Payment in full is due prior to shipping.


  • I only paint commissions in my portrait, street art style (see my website and Instagram for lots of inspiration).  I don’t paint knocks offs of other artists work, landscapes or pet portraits.
  • I don’t accept commissions for anything smaller than 16” x 20”
  • Because it takes so much more time to gain understanding of what you want and create something custom for you, commissions are always more expensive than similar sized paintings that you may see on my website.
  • Please note that as it takes several hours to prepare a custom design for you, therefore, your 50% deposit is not refundable should you choose not to proceed with your project.


Materials: I use high quality Oil Paints, Matisse Acrylic paints, and other artist quality mixed media materials. Works are finished 2-3 coats of varnish to protect the painting.

Canvas:I use quality primed canvases. Depending on the size of your work and where the artwork is to be shipped to, it may be stretched or unstretched (details below). Any stretched canvases may be ¾”, or 1 ½” deep. If it is a smaller work, or you are planning to frame it, I would recommend ¾” depth, if the artwork is over 30” x 30” then I would recommend a thickness of 1½”.

Sides: The sides of the piece can be painted a dark grey, or any other colour. I can also continue the background colour onto the sides. This is all your choice.

Hanging: If you have opted for a stretched canvas I will install hanging hardware on the back of your painting so it is ready to hang. If unstretched, you will need to find a local framer to stretch the canvas for you.

Shipping: Shipping costs are not included in the commission price. I can ship the artwork to you, or you can collect the painting from me privately. Unstreched works arrive in a sturdy shipping tube, and stretched works will arrive in a cardboard box.

All prices (except 40cm x 50cm) are quoted without frames, if you would like your piece to be framed I can arrange that for you, prices will vary.

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