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Week 48, Milan Art Institute Mastery Program

This week in the studio I signed all my paintings.

I’m totally thrilled with how they came out, they all look so cute and professional with my signature!

artist signature Criss Chaney Milan Art Institute Mastery Program Review

The videos this week were all about building websites.

Elli took us through the theory of it, and stressed the importance of having a goal or call to action for each page. One thing that she mentioned is that if you are an independent self-represented artist, then your bread and butter is going to be prints, so, it’s likely that that will be your first call to action on your homepage.

She also took us through some other artists' websites, and showed us good and bad examples and explained how some are really commercial and some are more like portfolios.

how to build an artists website milan art institute mastery program review

Then Jake took us through comparing various different platforms.

In the end, he recommended Shopify (which my other profession is actually building Shopify websites). So, I absolutely agree that if your main goal is to sell online, then Shopify is the best platform.

I know that Squarespace can be a bit cheaper to start off with, but Shopify has more scope for growth, and it can be a false economy if you start off on one platform, and outgrow it quickly, then you need to start from scratch and rebuild on a new platform.

The trick is to really envision your business 7 years from now, and know what sort of functionality you will want then, and choose a platform that offers those things so that as you grow and expand you’re not fighting against your website/ sales platform.

All that said, if you are an artist, and you want a Shopify site but don’t have all the technical knowledge, or don’t enjoy making it yourself.

I am offering a service where I can build your website for you, so please get in touch for more information.

I’m currently working on putting a package together to make it an easy bundle that will give you all the functionality and tools you need to be up and running online.

See You Next Week! Happy Painting!

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