Week 38 Milan Art Institute Mastery Program

Week 38 Milan Art Institute Mastery Program

Let's talk about this past week, which turned out to be more like three weeks – a bit of a surprise, even for me.

I've been working on larger pieces, which naturally take more time, but I didn't anticipate it dragging on this long.

I had three paintings in the pipeline, but even with that, the time didn't quite add up. It seems that when I tackle several large paintings simultaneously, there's always one that doesn't quite hit the mark. I can't help but notice flaws, especially now with the insights gained from the Mastery Program.

I have a large older painting hanging in my living room and now, with the training from the Mastery Program, I can see all its shortcomings – composition, colour, lines, you name it.

Unfortunately, I've stumbled into similar issues with one of my recent large works. Rather than scrap it entirely, I see it as a learning curve – an opportunity to step back, rework some areas, and take a few risks, and simply finish it next week.

Despite the setbacks, there are bright spots. Giselle and Nadine, two ladies that emerged from the canvas, turned out quite well.


pink painting of a woman at a line up with hot pink hair holding a sign that says rich bitch


It's a sign that I'm honing my ability to recognise what works in a painting and what doesn't.

purple painting of a black woman holding a sign that says rich bitch

I've also been experimenting with incorporating more written elements into my larger pieces, which has been refreshing. Cutting new word stencils has injected a new dimension into my work.

hand cut word stencils for art spary paint original wall art painting sin melbourne by criss chaney

With only four canvases left to complete the portfolio section, the end is in sight. Questions linger about the pace and structure of part four, but I'm ready to tackle them head-on.

As Week 38 of the Mastery Program wraps up, I'm reminded that artistic progress isn't always linear or predictable. It's about embracing the journey, setbacks and all, and pushing forward with determination.

So, as I gear up for next week, I'm excited to see what comes out.

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