Milan Art Institute Mastery Program Review Week 20 using spray paints

Week 20 Milan Art Institute Mastery Program

This week was really cool!

I think I’m just starting to get the hang of my style and my voice .....and I’ll tell you what’s finally done it for me.

This week we learned about a DISC assessment and how it pertains to our art and studio practice. Before I watched the video and read about it, I took an online disc assessment and the results showed that I was mostly a C type temperament, but it was almost equally C and D.

In her video Ellie discusses that it’s important to do this DISC assessment in how it relates to our studio practice, and looking at the characteristics of how I like to work and the kinds of colours I like to use. Turn out I am a absolutely a D.

I like to work fast, and I’m very task focused, I mostly have a system but am constantly shaking things up. And I have no problem getting into the studio.

Then Elli discussed the characteristics of the art that comes out of the different temperament types. The characteristics she named for a D type is Power Impact. I love bold colours and high contrast and most of the time the figures I paint are looking straight at you. These things are very characteristic of a D type.

So this week, having learned that I really leaned into it with the pieces I made.

This week we experimented with spray paints. I have been using spray paint in my work for awhile now, but this week I really played with it a lot more, experimented, and did the entire underpainting in spray paint. I also created my source in procreate.

spray paint and pils painting of a woman with purple hair

Normally I just work from the photo and make my creative decisions on the canvas, responding to what’s happening in the moment.

This way of working can end up being a little slow and taxing because it takes a lot of brain power to make all these decisions, and if I get a colour choice wrong (especially at the oil stage) it can be difficult to fix.

The reason I created a source this week was because I wasn’t sure what colours I should use, I had the background in and wanted to play around with line work, and glazes.

Working in layers in procreate also helped me to plan out my layers; at what point do I put in a glaze, and where do I put in some stencil work, etc. It took me awhile to create the source, and I wasn’t quite able to get the same sort of glowing effect I can get in digital art but it was really great and I will try to continue to work this way.

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